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Athens, Tennessee Probate and Trust Administration

​The death of a friend or family member can be a stressful and challenging situation. It can be made worse when you have family members fighting over the estate of the loved one. When someone passes away, there are certain legal rules and procedures in place for distributing the property of the deceased person. The exact process for how this is handled will differ somewhat depending on whether or not the deceased person died with or without a will, or with a trust in place. If you have been named the Executor of an estate, or have questions about the probate of a will, contact us for assistance.

Probate Administration

​"Probate" is an often considered a scary or intimidating process. Everyone will tell you it will cost an obscene amount of money, be a miserable and stressful process, or take years to finish. The truth is, with the right help, the probate process does not have to be any of this. Probate is the legal term for administering the affairs and estate of a deceased individual after their death. Through probate, the assets of the deceased are gathered, used to pay their debts, and then distributed according to their will (or state law if there is no will). The "Executor" or "Personal Representative" works through the Courts to administer this process. Depending on the exact situation, a full probate process may not be necessary. If someone you love has passed away, it is very important to make sure to hire a skilled probate attorney to walk you through the probate process, and to make sure that everything is handled and administered appropriately. A skilled attorney can help guide you and prevent many of the pitfalls and delays that can accompany the probate process.

Trust Administration

​​Administering a trust typically describes the day-to-day operation and management of the assets of a Trust. This is handled by the Trustee, who is the one tasked with handling these tasks. The Trustee will hold, invest, protect, distribute, and generally "look out" for the best interests of the Trust. Obviously, this can sometimes be a difficult or stressful process, and the Trustee may need the guidance of an attorney to make sure they are following both the law and the Trust document while they perform their duties. The consequences for a Trustee not following the law or the Trust document can be severe, so it is important to make sure you are doing everything appropriately.

Skilled guidance in tough times

If you are in need of assistance with trust administration or a probate in the Athens, Tennessee area (McMinn, Monroe, Meigs, Polk, Rhea, and Bradley counties), download the form below and either call or email our office to discuss your issue. We can help walk you through the many challenges that can arise during the probate process. Probate can be difficult enough for families, but by choosing the right attorneys, you can make sure that the process is as headache-free as possible.

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